It appears that Rude girl RiRi is paying no attention


Rhianna and Chris Brown

to her publicist these days!
The barbados siren posted  a pic on instagram of her and ex-Chris Brown getting rather cozy in what appears to be his dressing room Thursday night cleverly captioned, “I don’t want to leave! Killed it tonight baby!!”
It leaves now little to the imagination as millions of fans around the world are taking to twitter convinced that the two are indeed on on-again status!
For a minute now the two have been spotted everywhere together, as fans and the media were left to ponder on the underlying question, “Well, so are they or aren’t they?!”
‘So there it is! Ike and Tina in the flesh!’, one tweeted with the now infamous pic, as the pix spread faster than mustard leaving fans divided with their own intake of the duo’s much hype status.
Question here is, how is Rhianna’s record label viewing her newfound image independence?
After all, it was her camp who had urged the singer to break it off with Brown back when he had assaulted her in the much publicized altercation between the two just hours before grammy night several years back. With good reason, as covergirl along with a strew of Rhianna’s cash cow contracts vowed to part ways with the singer if she would have stayed in the abusive relationship ……
The singer obliged, kept mum in regards too her feelings of it all til several months later after the incident, when she opened up to Dianne Sawyer in a tell all, much applauded interview where she stood firm on her decision to leave the relationship because she didn’t want, ‘young girls to think it was ok to get beaten by their boyfriends.’
So….. Will this sudden change of heart stain Rhianna’s image??



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